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How much are you spending on smoking? Let’s find out

Quitting smoking gives you more money

Quitting smoking will give you money that you never knew you had. That’s cash towards meals out, clothes, a trip away or offset your household bills for fuel or food. If you smoke 10 a day, you could be spending nearly £45 a week and well over £2000 a year.

Find out how much extra cash you could have when you quit by using our smokefree savings calculator.

Try our savings calculator
You'll save
£40.25 a week
£172.50 a month
£2,098.75 a year

Look at what else you could buy

  • 1 week’s savings of £31 could help pay towards your monthly water bill (Money Helper estimates).
  • 2 weeks’ savings of around £62 could pay for the cost of fuel or public transport.
  • 3 weeks’ savings of approximately £93 could buy a family food shop.
  • 4 weeks’ savings of £124 could buy you a 4 months’ superfast broadband package including TV.
  • £1,642 saved in a year could help pay towards rises in your power bill.

Could switching to vaping save you money?

Compared to smoking, vaping is cheap.

Costs vary but there is an initial outlay of £14.99-£44.99 for a starter kit but from then on you’ll just need to buy e-liquid and replacement parts when you need them. This would probably amount to less than £8.50 per week, £37 per month or £440 per year.

Many vapers can save even more money by mixing their own e-liquid, which can bring their costs down even further.

Smoking roll ups

Even if you smoke roll ups, the savings from quitting smoking could be sizeable.

Someone smoking roll ups is likely to be spending around £20 a week, £78 a month and around £950 a year.

Decades of research has shown that smokers who smoke roll-you-own cigarettes are just as likely to develop lung cancer and other smoking related diseases and contain the same levels of cancer-causing chemicals.